MCMD SDK (Can be used for MyCMD too)

To create MCMD Application you need to have the application Notepad or Notepad++

The simple application code is:

1. Code (to edit the source on MyCMD write myedit)

: Application Name

title MCMD Console (Application Name)

color 2a                        ##Type color in CMD for more information about the color codes!


## The code starts here##



and now add

if %input%==  APPLICATION_NAME goto Application Name

in the inputs!










Apploader SDK

To create APL Application is a little bit harder than MCMD , but you can create any kind of application instead of only .bat application , you can make .jar , .exe and a lot more!

1.  Files

Location:             %appdata%\apploader




||application.exe (or whatever it name is!)

||Other Application Files


2. Code


@echo off

cd %appdata%\apploader\apps\application (the folder!)

application.exe (or  whatever it name is!)









Installation for Apploader

If you have MCMD Applications we recommend the Mod Version!

If you don’t have MCMD Application we recommend the App Version!

Mod Version

Put the apploader folder at %appdata%

Put the apploader.bat file in mcmd.exe

Add this code in mcmd.bat (mcmd.exe\mcmd.bat)


title MCMD Console (Apploader)

color 2a

echo [Apploader] Pause



echo [Apploader] APL is starting...


under :menu in the inputs type

if %input%==apps goto apploader

App Version (Easy)

If it is the first time you use Apploader open the file:

MCMD + Apploader FIRSTUSE.exe

the second time use the

MCMD + Apploader.exe



If any problems

Support E-Mail:


(This application is only for Windows)

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